A Brief Introduction To Buying Angels Tickets Online

These days it’s takes less stress to purchase Angel ticket. There are various ways to get them. Die-hard supporters buy their season tickets early, while those with more hectic schedules satisfy themselves with an Angel ticket or two, depending on which games fit their busy schedules best.


Personally speaking, the best way to purchase Angels tickets would be to use the internet, and buy them online. The Los Angeles Angels have a legitimate website and legitimate partners where fans easily find Angel tickets, and some Los Angeles Angel apparel as well. One can shop for t-shirts, caps, mugs, and a whole of other souvenirs to choose from at the online store, ranging from the classic, the funny, the wacky and just the plain unusual.

A bit of warning for Angel fans looking for authentic Angels Ticket- they should be careful and be on the lookout for scammers online. Nowadays, it is not unusual to find sellers supposedly disposing of an Angel tickets for cheaper than its actual price. This is usually the biggest warning for a scam. If you really think about it, why would one be able to get excellent seats for an Angel’s game for cheap, especially if the team was having an excellent season? It is good for fans and buyers must be wary of these kinds of gimmicks, which can really turn out to be a waste of money, and at the end of the day, one won’t even have any tickets to watch the games.

Another thing to people looking for Angels tickets online must be aware of are those online scalpers. Scalpers make money by buying authentic sports event’s and concert tickets, in the hope of selling them at a higher price for what they paid for them. Scalpers usually sell their tickets on sites like Ebay, especially weeks or days before a big game. While some scalpers can have authentic and legitimate tickets, you can be sure that these will not come for cheap. This is just a plain waste of money and to add that, you will be encouraging scalpers to continue what they are doing.

Angel fans out there should always use their common sense and good judgment and always proceed with caution. Go to legitimate sources for your Angels tickets and you and your friends and family can have a fun, stress-free time watching your favorite baseball team play!

One Blue South 2011-12

History will show that the Wizards finished up winning that second promotion spot up to Division One White and Jack Driver, who has been so very balanced in his reports for the season, could not contain his excitement at the end of the day, especially having, at last, made some good predictions about the finals!!

This is how the final series in One Blue South panned out down at Wizardland


WARNBRO 84(5) defeated SAFETY BAY 78(3)

It was to be the Wizards that would win that second coveted spot for promotion to Division One White. In a heart-stopping finish, the Wizards got up by those 6 shots in a game that see-sawed for much of the day.


The Bay broke out to a 35-18 lead after 28 completed ends, and the Wizards looked a little shell-shocked. However they fought back well to lead 43-42 at the halfway point.

It was then nip and tuck up to 70 ends when the Wizards led narrowly 68-66. The Bay regained the lead by the 78th end only to see the Wizards pull away at the very end to win narrowly.

John Trewhella’s rink of Dennis Pattullo (Third), John Hudson (Second) and Matt Trewhella (Lead) were the mainstay for the Wizards with a massive 35-5 win over Matt Massari’s rink of Ron Hall (Third), Russell Heydon (Second) and Tony Brazel (Lead).

They jumped out early to a 11-3 lead, increased that to 17-3 at the halfway point, before powering away to win by those 30 shots. It was a great weekend for John’s rink with two big wins and a great deal of comfort for John who missed out on that final bowl against the Magic in the final qualifying game.

Norm Read’s rink of Ray Kennedy (Third), Mick Jaworski (Second) and Jim Beswick (Lead) set up a handy 9-3 lead against Lindsay Strange’s rink of Bill Baker (Third), Young George Jackson (Second) and Dave Phillips (Lead), but the Wizards clawed their way back to go into the last end leading by two shots. They were holding 3 shots before Norm played a classic shot with his very last bowl to secure 3 shots himself and win the rink 18-17 in what was a titanic struggle.

The man they christened “Figjam” at the One Blue team wind-up had a very good game leading for the Wizards!!

Dave Phillips is the man they christened “Figjam” but the fact is he has had a great year playing lead and is a great Clubman for the Wizards

The result gave Norm’s rink three close wins for the weekend. Alan Holmes’ rink of John Van Tuyl (Third), Neville Crocker (Second) and Harry Wilson (Lead) had a 23-17 win over Terry Ball’s rink of Kerry Eames (Third), Tony De Brouwer (Second) and Ian Donaldson (Lead).

Alan led by some 4 or 5 shots for most of the afternoon before the Wizards clawed their way back to level the score at 17-17 by the 18th end before Alan pulled away at the end to win by those 6 shots, and his rink was pivotal in the Bay progressing as far as they did.

Graham Scott’s rink of Ray Beard (Third), Lance Gandy (Second) and Simon Timms (Lead) had a huge 32-15 win over Tony Tuckerman’s rink of Kyle Prime (Third), Ian Gibson (Second) and Stephen Fairbotham (Lead).

Graham led by a massive 16-1 after only 7 ends before Tony pulled back to be 20-10 down at the halfway mark. Graham’s rink then powered away to win handsomely at the end but it was not quite enough to carry the day for the Bay.

Skipper Graham Scott nearly got Safety Bay over the line with a huge win has been a great skip for many years

The Bay did well to come from fourth position on the ladder to contest the Grand Final and serve it right up to the Wizards.

In the final analysis, it was a great weekend of bowls down at Wizardland and congratulations go to all four teams that participated in the finals.


SAFETY BAY 74(7) defeated SPEARWOOD 61(1)


It was the Bay that would proceed through to the Grand Final to meet the Wizards on Sunday afternoon. It was again the Alan Holmes rink that led the way for the Bay with a 19-12 win over Ivan Unkovich’s rink, to give Alan two good wins for the day. Not far behind was Graham Scott’s rink who were successful by a 21-15 margin over Vled Pesich’s crew.

Norm Read was the other winner for the Bay, getting home 20-18 in a keen tussle with Italo D’Ascenzo’s rink. The only winner for the Dallies was Ken Nadilo’s rink who had a narrow 16-14 win over Matt Massari whose rink fought back well after being far behind at one stage. It was a good day for Ken and his rink with two good wins.

The Dallies can be very pleased with their effort this season, being the only one of the Promoted teams from second Division to hold their place in One Blue South.


WARNBRO 88(6) defeated SPEARWOOD 74(2)

In the second semi-final it was the Wizards who prevailed over the Dallies where the aggregate lead see-sawed for much of the game. The Dallies led 32-27 after 30 ends, but the Wizards fought back to lead 65-52 after 56 ends.

There was never more than a single digit margin for the next 20 ends or so, until the Wizards stretched that margin to 14 shots by the end of the game. John Trewhella’s rink of Dennis Pattullo (Third), John Hudson (Second) and Matt Trewhella (Lead) led the way for the Wizards with a big 27-10 win over Italo D’Ascenzo’s rink. They led 13-3 after only 7 ends and maintained that lead after 14 ends, to pull away towards the conclusion of the match to win by that 17 shot margin.

The Wizard fight-back in the middle and late parts of the game was, in no small part, due to the magnificent “Lazarus” performance by Tony Tuckerman’s rink of Kyle Prime (Third), Ian Gibson (Second) and Stephen Fairbotham (Lead). Down 17-3 to Vled Pesich’s rink after 9 ends, they produced a herculean reversal to end up winning 23-21 in an aggregate saving performance.

Terry Ball’s rink of Kerry Eames (Third), Tony De Brouwer (Second) and Ian Donaldson (Lead) had a keen tussle with Ivan Unkovich’s rink all day. Down 9-3 after 7 ends, they fought back to draw level at 13-13 after 14 ends. It was then a close match for the next 6 ends before the Dallies’ rink poked their noses in front to win 18-17 at the finish.

Ken Nadilo’s rink had a 25-21 win over Lindsay Strange’s rink of Bill Baker (Third), Young George Jackson (Second) and Dave Phillips (Lead). Lindsay’s rink led from the start and held a 19-14 lead after 14 ends. However Ken’s rink battled back to score 11 shots to the Wizards’ 2 shots over those last 7 ends, taking the lead after 18 ends to go on to win by that 4 shot margin.

The Wizard win saw them go directly into the Grand Final, while the Dallies lived to fight another day in the Preliminary Final against the Bay.

SAFETY BAY 82(6½) defeated SOUTH PERTH 71(1½)

In a keenly contested first semi-final, the Bay proved that little too strong for the Millers with an 11 shot buffer at the conclusion of the game. The margin in the aggregate virtually amounted to the win on the ever-reliable Alan Holmes rink that had a 27-16 victory over Barry Kalinowsky’s rink. Norm Read’s rink chipped in with a very narrow 21-19 win over Max Petrich’s crew while Matt Massari fought out a tense 15-15 draw with Stallion Santostefano’s four.

The only winning rink for the Millers was that of Ken CEO Pride’s rink which has been the outstanding rink for the Millers this season. Ken beat Graham Scott’s rink 21-19.

The Millers did very well to finish in the top five, bearing in mind that they field a Premier League team, and we know that being competitive in two First Divisions is no mean feat. The win by the Bay allowed them to progress to the Preliminary Final where they met the Dallies.

Does Nonito Donaire Still Have the Fire? We May Get Our Answer on May 10th.

Oh, what will become of Nonito Donaire?

After riding a six year wave of dominance that was kicked off by his complete nuclear bombing of Vic Darchinyan in late 2006, (and if you haven’t seen it, click here) Nonito suffered his first meaningful loss of his career, a 12 round unanimous decision defeat at the hands of Guillermo Rigondeaux. For Nonito, the loss looked like the result of both a lack of dedication and preparation and the fact that he was in there with Rigo, arguably the most decorated amateur in recent years and in my opinion the #3 pound for pound fighter on the planet right now. That said, what had the potential to be an epic confrontation between two of the 10 best fighters on earth ended up being more or less a showcase for Rigondeaux’ superior boxing prowess. Truth was, as anyone familiar with Donaire can tell you, he simply was not at his best that night.


After some time off to recover from injury, the Philipino Flash made his return last November, and in one of those circle-of-life deals, it was against the man who kicked off the Nonito phenomenon, Vic Darchinyan himself. This time around however, Nonito had a much rougher go of it and once again, it appeared he hadn’t fully invested himself in being in tip-top shape. Eventually, he got Darchinyan out of there with the same punch that launched his career all those years ago, but he had to come from behind to do it and honestly, his performance in no way evoked memories of the old Donaire.

What next, then? Well, Simpiwe Vetyeka is. While not a name that gets anyone up out of their seat, he’s still a solid fighte,r a legitimate title holder and the first man to (officially) beat longtime champ Chris John, stopping him on his stool and effectively sending him into retirement. On paper, it’s a fight Nonito should win but if you’ve seen his last two fights, you know that there is no guarantee that Donaire can recapture the form that made him the scourge of Flyweight and then Bantamweight divisions.


Can he be that guy again? More importantly, does he still want to be. You know the story. At 31 and with tremendous financial security, Doanire certainly isn’t the first (or last) man to suffer a malaise as a result of the trappings of fame. Thing is, he’s not too old to dominate as he did. 31 is not exactly old in Boxing if, like Nonito, you haven’t suffered many (or in his case, any) serious beatings. No, Donaire was the one dishing out the beatings, to the likes of Darchinyan and Luis Maldonado and a dozen other guys, including poor Fernando Montiel, who is still feeling this one when he closes his eyes.

What can I say man, Nonito Donaire was a human wrecking ball. Dude has as much power as any guy that size, ever. Good boxer, too, even if as time went on he became increasingly reliant on his one punch power, as was his downfall in the Rignodeaux fight. Still, in the course of being outboxed that night, he managed to floor Rigo and could have likely finished him had he landed another big shot. Such was the extent of his power.

Is that guy gone forever, or can Donaire get himself re-focused enough to bring him back? On May 1oth in Macau, we should get our answer.